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Phezulu is a well-known destination for school tours. We host school children of all ages from all over the world.

Our experienced guides will teach the students loads of interesting facts about reptiles and snakes.  They will be kept entertained with awesome stories and safety tips.

We have both indigenous and exotic snakes on display, including Gaboon Vipers, Rattle Snakes, pythons, cobras and the much feared Green and Black Mambas.   

Besides for the snakes they students will be introduced to tarantula spiders, water monitors, iguanas and lots more.

Phezulu boasts over 100 crocodiles in various sizes and the guides will teach the students in depth about their natural habitat, feeding and mating habits.

Educational Games drives are offered to the schools.  On the tour the guide will not only show the students the wild animals, but will also teach them about the local plants and some of the natural remedies that
The Zulu People have  used for hundreds of years.

Students will be able to enjoy a Zulu Dancing Show, which will have a story line based on the Zulu Culture.  They will then be take on a tour through a traditional Zulu village and shown exactly how the Zulu people lived.  The tours are educational, entertaining and affordable.

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