PheZulu Reptile Park
Come Face Your Fears

Open 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Sunday.
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PheZulu Reptile Park boasts crocodile enclosures, multiple snakes on display, a creature cave & tortoise park. You will be taken on an hourly tour by one of our knowledgeable guides, while learning interesting facts about reptiles.

Reptile Park Features

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Tortoise Park

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Creature Cave​

Frogs, Lizards, Exotic Reptiles & More.


Croc Feed Show

Nature’s not pretty sometimes, but a croc’s gotta eat, right? Feeding times are seasonal in line with a croc’s natural way of life.

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Guided Reptile Tours

Our knowledgeable guides will show you some of our incredible reptiles while sharing some interesting facts.


Fear Factor

Experience the thrill of eating a meal in the croc enclosure for R150 per person plus the meal.

Do you have what it takes?


Reptile Interaction

Our professional handlers will assist you in an interactive experience with a variety of our reptile species.

PheZulu Snake Species:

African Rock Pythons • Green Mamba • Black Mamba • Boomslang • Vine Snake • Puff Adder • Spitting Cobra • Rinkhals • Forest Cobra • Egyptian Cobra • Bush Snake • Night Adder • Spotted House Snake • Herald Snake • Southern Brown Egg Eater • Brown House Snake • Olive House Snake • Burmese Python • Anaconda • Boa Constrictor